Friday, March 18, 2016

The Most Important Election in Marin since the 1960s!

Marin is under massive pressure to redevelop into a high density urban corridor much like the East Bay. Gone forever will be our quiet suburban-rural lifestyle which will be replaced with apartment blocks, trains and buses.  Schools will be overcrowded and our taxes will increase to cover the burden for the huge non profit developments like the ones planned for Marinwood Lucas Valley.

Our most important election in decades is happening now.  

In Marinwood Lucas Valley, the county is our functional government and determines our zoning, housing allocations, road repair and future development.  To date all of the Supervisors have been using our weak political status to force development in our neighborhood.  Although we have elected a good friend in Supervisor Damon Connolly, he needs a majority to protect us from over development.

This is why I hope you will join me and other Marinwood Lucas Valley residents in support of these candidates:

Check out their websites.  They are all for local control and have been active in the local political scene standing up for the citizens against the over development of Marin. They are the our future.

We will Save Marin (again)! 

The Rebels with a Cause Saved us from Marincello in the 1960s

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