Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How to enjoy off-leash time with your dog

How to enjoy off-leash time with your dog 

Marin Humane Society:

With the recent changes proposed for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in regard to where one may bring either on- or off-leash dogs, we thought it was time to revisit both the pleasure of recreating with our dogs off-leash and, just as important, the responsibility that comes with it.
There are real advantages to walking your dog off-leash. It allows for increased exercise and mental stimulation and, of course, is fun. Thankfully, gone are the days when a dog’s only opportunity for exercise was a brief walk around the block or simply left in the backyard. Many guardians — especially physically active Marinites — take their dogs with them when they go for a run or for a brisk hike in the great outdoors. We know from many years of adopting out dogs that stronger bonds are formed when guardians and their dogs spend time together doing what both love.
From a behavioral standpoint, off-leash walking is especially beneficial for dogs that aren’t always comfortable on-leash. Some often pull against the restraint of a leash, sometimes literally taking their owners for a walk, other times getting so frustrated by their leash that they bark at anything passing by.

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