Friday, March 11, 2016

Should Marinwood CSD Directors get Free Stuff from the Marinwood CSD?


Marinwood CSD president, Justin Kai proposes that all CSD directors and commission members receive a "Golden FREE Pass" to all of the classes, camps, pool memberships and special events offered by the Marinwood CSD at a potential revenue loss of up to $30,000 annually.  

The other CSD directors quickly shoot this idea down as it would be unjust compensation and a huge revenue loss to the district.  

***3/15/2016  I arose this morning and discovered a big controversy on NextDoor on this post.   A neighbor pointed it out to others and both she and I were attacked.  

Here are a few points of clarification:  

1.) The figure of up to $30,000 revenue loss is based upon the statements of one of the CSD directors who spends an estimated $2000 to $2500 each year on Marinwood CSD programs.   We have 17 directors and commission members.  If each were given $2000 of free services that would mean a revenue loss of $34,000 annually.  Of course there is no way to know how many people would use the "Golden FREE pass" benefit.  A big family might spend more than $2000.

2.) When Director Kai claims there is "no cost" to the district, he is overlooking the obvious.  When a camp or class is limited, then the "Golden FREE pass" customer takes a spot away from a regular "paying customer".  Even in the pool membership with high fixed costs and low marginal cost experience a "revenue loss" when a board member who regularly pays for membership, now uses his "Golden FREE pass" instead.  

3.) Director Kai attacked this post as a "hit piece" and that it is taken out of "context" .  In actuality, the entire 9 1/2 minute clip is completely unedited and the full context is provided.   Bill Shea, Izabela Perry, Jeff Naylor and Leah Kleinman-Green look pretty good. You could also say that it is a "promo piece" for them since it showcases their commonsense.  In the end, though, this video is simply what happened and the viewer can decide for themselves to endorse Justin's view or Bill, Izabela, Jeff and Leah's point of view.

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  1. Director Kai. Just because the Park & Rec Commission has had revolving door commissioners for years, and is unable to fill two current vacancies, that's no reason to hand out bribes of free stuff that will affect the District's financial bottom line.