Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Keeping you Safe from this website. Bruce Anderson's censorship policy.

A message from Bruce Anderson, NextDoor Moderator and former politician on his Censorship policy
Bruce Anderson
Drink cool, fresh Marinwood Plaza spring water.
Don't worry it's safe and has the government seal of approval
I guarantee it!
"Please don't post your web site or you tube account again. You have already been informed that you have used your allocations of one such posting a quarter. After March 31 you may make another such posting. Until that time all posts that contain your web site or you tube channel will be removed."- private message to me on NextDoor
Do you need this man telling you what is acceptable to read? He has banned posting of health information on the toxic waste, important community meetings, informative videos all because he considers me politically "dangerous". It is pretty sick but he likes his soft tyranny and censorship power. Sticks and stones.
There have been many complaints to NextDoor.com to have him removed. They refuse to get involved.
Editor's note: Moments after posting this he banned me from Nextdoor.  

It's local and fresh from the Springs under Marinwood Plaza!

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