Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Victoria commonsense Leash Optional Park Rules.


Site Specific Regulations:

  • LIMIT ► Time of day / day of week / months / seasons > When off leash activity can occur
  • RESTRICT ► Off leash activity to a specific area within a park (usually not the whole park)
  • GIVE PRIORITY ► Sporting and community events will have priority over off leash activity
  • PROHIBIT ► Any activity (including off leash dogs) during field closures

General Regulations:

  • Dogs must be within the owner's control and vision at all times
    • if you cannot see your dog - you don't have control
    • if your dog doesn't respond within 3 calls - you don't have control
  • Dogs must be well-mannered
    • if your dog jumps on people - you don't have control
    • if your dog interferes with other park users - you don't have control
    • if your dog digs holes or damages property - you don't have control
    • if your dog attacks other dogs or chases wildlife - you don't have control
  • Dogs in heat are prohibited
  • Dangerous Dogs must be leashed & muzzled
Signs are usually posted where off leash opportunities exist.
Public school grounds are NOT Leash Optional Areas at anytime.
Please be respectful of people living next to any leash optional area, if your dog is a 'barker' please keep your dog well away from any residence and/or consider staying away from LOAs before 9 am.

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