Monday, December 21, 2015

Opps!. I think it is going to get a whole lot worse for Sol Ed.

Opps!.  I think it is going to get a whole lot worse for Sol Ed.  St. Helena has a similar population size to Marinwood Lucas Valley.  Their system is larger but they are paying  a different rate. Sol Ed projects that we will pay a unreasonable amount at $.41 per KWh without solar.  The non solar peak PGE tariff only calls for $.33 cents so I am uncertain what assumptions they are making.  SolEd confuses the math by annualizing the cost versus breaking it down on a standard  per Kilowatt Hour.  I am not an expert so these results need to be verified.  

Our contract is "front loaded" to pay for the system early and then in year 15 it begins to decline slightly. 

I understand that simply changing our electricity to the A10 rate structure would change our payments to $.19 cents per KW maximum even without a huge solar investment.    

If this is true we are getting locked into a bad deal for twenty years.

The proposed rate sheet for St Helena can be found HERE

and the Marinwood CSD report can be found  HERE

I hope someone can verify my math.  I hope I am wrong.

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