Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Chinese Duck Farmer opposes the new "Transit oriented development" in his town.

Is this what the planners meant by living close to the transit hub?
Is everyone that disagrees with Government development policy a NIMBY?  

The above video and CBS story is self explanatory.   It shows one heroic struggle of a property owner against the tyranical government planners and the developers who would take his property. 

Unfortunately, the Marinwood Priority Development Area has already been created, signalling big changes to our community by ABAG/ Marin central planners.  Marinwood Plaza is the first of the developments to be attempted.  There are five in the 2012 Housing Element with other large developments  (Rocking H ranch and other parcels under informal consideration).  The current housing plans, if fullfilled, will increase our population 25% with low income, high density apartments.
Is this the future you want for our community?

Sometimes, it takes the simple act of defiance by a duck farmer in a Communist County to understand what freedom means.

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