Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Is Following the Brown Act "sunshine law" OPTIONAL?

Local Marinwood CSD politician Tarey Read withdraws a motion to propose change to board bylaws without proper Brown Act notification.  She kills the motion when audience objects.  Is following the Brown Act  "optional" if no one objects?

Tarey Read, appointed ten years ago, winning re-election last time through default, is facing in an open competitive election this Fall. There are three positions open.

Candidates include yours truly,  Stephen Nestel.  

The Marinwood CSD has been a closed organization for years, with appointees like Tarey Read serving for years unnoticed.  Re-elections were not widely broadcast assuring the re-election of incumbents.  The election of Justin Kai, Deana Dearborn and Bill Shea was the first contested election in years.

It is time elect candidates with new ideas who will support civic openness, fiscal responsibility to ensure that our community remains strong.   I am building a website at www.Nestel4csd.com and hope you will vote for me.

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