Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Casa Marinwood Residents are Angry over the FOUR YEAR DELAY to CLEAN TOXIC WASTE.

From the August 25. 2015 letter to the editor in the Marin IJ HERE

Clean up toxic waste near Marinwood housing
In the Aug 15 article, “Marinwood residents demand cleanup of dry cleaner chemicals,” Stephen Hill, toxics cleanup division chief at the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board, is quoted as saying, “All test results are showing below regulatory levels and there is no indication that soil vapor has reached Casa Marinwood residents.”
This statement is not accurate, according to his own test results.
The test well, SV-26, has a soil vapor reading for PCE of 580 ug/m3, which is three times the allowable limit for residential areas.
The SV-26 location is within 100 feet of a residential area.
I have provided links to the map and testing data and the health effects of soil vapor. The residents here are very concerned that the plume may have moved into Casa Marinwood, especially since we have had a cancer cluster of six cases.
Can you ever remember an oil company being allowed to “study the problem for four years before cleaning up an oil spill?”
We must protect the environment and the people. Clean up Marinwood Plaza now.
— Elizabeth Geler, San Rafael
Sign the Petition HERE
What Homeowners Need to Know About Vapor Intrusion - An infographic by the team at EDR

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