Thursday, June 18, 2015

Commuting to the "Hyper Rich" Marin County (Third NPR story on Marin)

Typical Marin resident waiting for his driver to pick him up to commute to work.

Marketplace has published it's third story on housing in Marin HERE.  They just can't help themselves to push stereotypes. Last week they announced the story about "NIMBYs".  This week they are calling all of Marin "Hyper Rich".    

Does it surprise anyone that most county workers live outside the county? Many of the workers I know live in Petaluma, Rohnert Park or Vallejo.  There are quite a few that live in Terra Linda, Marinwood and Novato too. Most own houses and earn 30% more than us not including their pension benefits.

What is the big deal?  Most of us commute too.   But "workforce housing" is the justification of urbanizing Marin.  Never mind that many workers, like us, prefer to live in single family homes and wouldn't want to live in a government subsidized apartment complex.

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