Thursday, June 18, 2015

Excerpt from the "State of Emergency" on Free Speech press conference.

In one of the more bizarre encounters in 2013, members of the group Marin Grassroots held a press conference to call for Governor Jerry Brown to declare a "state of emergency" against what they termed "angry white people" who are against the urban redevelopment of Marin.  The group claimed that minorities were intimidated from speaking out.  Although, they never specified exactly what action they wanted from Governor Brown, we assumed it would have been some sort of muzzle order on public speech.

This is particularly ironic because the exact same members of this group protested outside an open public forum to discuss Plan Bay Area and the urbanization of Marin in 2012.  They claimed all inside were  "Racist, Classist, NIMBYS" and refused to participate.   Inside the meeting the public was allowed to speak openly regardless of viewpoint and offer their views on Plan Bay Area.

Supervisor Steve Kinsey showed up at the rally at this meeting and claimed that Marin was "unwelcoming to minorities".  He boycotted the community forum but spoke to a news reporter before speeding off in his car to "another engagement".

Supervisor Steve Kinsey says "Marin can be unwelcoming to minorities"

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