Sunday, April 26, 2015

San Quentin Showdown Ross Valley Sanitary District Settlement on April 22, 2015

Citizens gathered at the Ross Valley Sanitary District on April 22, 2015 to protest the closed door settlement that will give away a multimillion dollar asset to Central Marin Sanitary District. The deal is bad for ratepayers and alleged to be motivated by developers who want to build a high rise development where San Quentin now stands. 
Supervisor Steve Kinsey has had his eye on "Kinseyland" to fullfill his vision of an urban Marin. Supervisor Katie Rice played a questionable role in the one sided settlement as a "facilitator". 

Tom Gaffney, water and sewer consultant, has deep financial ties the sewage industry and serves as RVSD president. Citizens have identified undisclosed financial dealings and ask that he remove himself from voting on the settlement. Particularly strong testimony from the public(7:30), (11:20), (16:19).

(28:00)Frank Egger, former Mayor of Fairfax has served the citizens in various roles for 40 years. His vision and wisdom has made an indelible mark on the county and the livable village of Fairfax. He knows how political games are played and suspects the behind the scenes political manuevering by Katie Rice and Kinsey.

(34:00) Bornstein says "He listens to Frank Egger" but does not address any of the serious issued raised. It seems to be plain attack on his character without any substance.

(35:00) Mary Sylla, a close political ally and friend of Katie Rice calls Frank Egger , "A liar" after his presentation.

(38:39) Pam Meigs expresses outrage at the childish attacks on Frank Eggers's character. Though she knows that the board has the votes to make the settlement, she warns of the political fallout because the citizens object to the San Quentin vision and the stripping of RVSD assets.

(40:00) After two hours of deliberation, the board made advice to counsel but did not vote on the settlement. Pam Meigs advised the public that the terms could be made public but the board voted to keep it secret.

Why is secrecy necessary? Politics of course. All parties to the settlement know the terms EXCEPT the public.

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