Tuesday, April 21, 2015

George Lucas PR Machine sells his HOUSING Plan on CNN

See the Propaganda HERE.

Is this actually news?  Seriously,  I wonder if it was a paid endorsement.  What is the news value of this piece?  Was any journalistic standard of fairness followed? Apparently, they want to put out the message that we are all millionaires in Marinwood-Lucas Valley instead of the reality that we are a middle class community with an average family income barely over the $88,000 threshold that the county determines as "low income".  WE WILL BE PAYING THE TAXES and infrastructure upgrades for Grady Ranch project NOT the politicians and the LIMOUSINE PROGRESSIVES that live miles away.  It is actually funny that a CELEBRITY BILLIONAIRE is complaining about millionaires.
Apparently, he does not consider them worthy neighbors.

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  1. The articles are many and are a complete joke.