Friday, March 13, 2015

Permanent Homeless Shelters in Marinwood/Lucas Valley?

Marin County Planning meeting Oct 8th  Zoning has been created for permanent homeless shelters In Marin  See the video starting at 1:30:00.  The planners did not indicate where they "planned" to locate these in our community.

Will homeless shelters be at Grady Ranch, Silvera Ranch, Big Rock Deli, Marinwood Village or St Vincents?

Don't you think you have a right to know?  Should you have a voice in this decision?

This is another act of the "imperial" central planning thrust upon us in unincorporated Marin.
We believe that citizens should be a part of the planning process and not simply governed by political elites and bureaucrats. It is a part of a pattern of bypassing the citizens for expediency and to minimize opposition.

Of course, we are not asking for a callous approach for those in need.   Why are such decisions made by an elite minority behind closed doors?  Shouldn't we have a say in the future of our communities?

If we are going to save Marin from being steamrolled into urbanization we must be involved in the planning process. That means the community must be properly notified.  Meetings must be held in the evening and weekends when people are free to attend. Planners and politicans must actively seek guidence from the full community and not simply housing advocates and developers.

If that isn't enough to upset you, check out this article:

Why more homeless shelters should allow alcohol


  1. How do we get involved? I can't find any information

    1. There is information posted on nextdoor. I will also do my part and announcing meetings. We need to stay on top of San Rafael city council and our supervisor, Damon Connolly. It seems they don't give a damn about our neighborhood at all.