Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dump Truck Convoys to Roll on Lucas Valley Road Soon.

From the County Website: 

A special permit approved March 5th for Mr. George Lucas

No EIRs, no Public Notice in Lucas Valley, just an over the counter permit. It is nice to have friends in high places:


The applicant is requesting approval of a Design Review Amendment to a previously approved

project located on Big Rock Ranch in Nicasio (Big Rock Ranch Remodel project: DR 15-0009;

Project ID number 2014-0249). Per the amendment request, the applicant is requesting

permission to allow up to 4,000 cubic yards of excavated soil associated with grading activities

related to the approved development project to be off-hauled to one or more off-site locations.

A fleet of “super ten” trucks will be utilized for transport of the soil. Per the application, each

truck can carry approximately 10 cubic yards of soil; therefore approximately 400 truck trips [800 one way trips] 

will be necessary to complete the off-haul operation. The 40’ wide by 102” long, four-axle trucks are

proposed to be either tarped or filled one foot below the top of the truck bed to reduce dust. The

trucks are rated at 66,500 lbs maximum gross vehicle weight when loaded.

The majority of the soil to be off-hauled is proposed to be transported to the Loch Lomand

Marina, with a smaller portion of the soil proposed to be transported to the Nicasio Rock Quarry. [Editor's note: All of it will be coming down Lucas Valley Road]

The truck trips will be staggered to avoid truck traffic congestion. The off-haul operation is

proposed to take place Monday through Friday, from 7:30 AM until 4:30 PM. The applicant is

not proposing any other revisions to the Design Review project, as previously approved.

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