Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What do the Supervisors want for Christmas this year from YOU?

What presents do the Supervisors want from YOU this year?

4882 doll houses.

14,000 new dolls- 2 whole cities worth!

A 38 mile diesel train set.

An electric company with wind turbines 
and solar panels.

New transit villages all over Marin with people 
living in cute, tiny apartments.

Bike paths with cool bridges and tunnels.

A streetcar with clanking bells with happy people going to work between San Anselmo and Fairfax.

A desalination water plant to make fresh water 
for more houses and people.

A hospital with free healthcare.

Spending money for architects, 
planners, consultants, and more.

Money to buy lots of farms.

Even more money to buy more stuff 
to make our cities grow in urban centers.

A sign for our playhouse that sez,

" Private. No stinky voters allowed!" 

And World Peace.

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