Monday, December 22, 2014

Supervisors Kinsey and BOS unanimously support Marinwood Village without hearing from the people

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The Marin Board of Supervisors unequivocally support Marinwood Village without consulting Marinwood.

See Steve Kinsey explain that 100% of the  Board of Supervisors support the Marinwood Village Site,  unequivocally    at the November 29, 2012 TAM meeting before ALL THE FACTS are IN.

The have all ready given Marinwood Village project $460,000 in HIPE funds and are seeking another $696,000 or roughly $1.02 million dollars to steal part of Marinwood Ave to make parking for affordable developer Bridge Housing' plans for 85 low income housing units.

Gee,  it's great to be an affordable housing developer,  isn't it?

Our entire Marinwood CSD budget is $4.2 million dollar and the Board of Supervisors is giving over a million dollars to aid Bridge Housing before a shovel hits the dirt on the housing development. 

Some people get rich. Some people get subsidized rents. We get taxed.

How dare they rip off the only asset that our community will have to build a vibrant commercial hub.  Once our neighbor's move their families into the "stack and pack" housing moves into their tiny apartments,  we will have to build more class rooms, hire more teachers, cops and firefighters.

The Marinwood Village development won't begin to pay it's fair share to the community .  In addition, we may also have to upgrade our fire station and water and sewer. Higher taxes for us. Free stuff for them.

How many of us moved into the neighborhood to have our community stolen from us by bureaucrats and politicians?

Even our new neighbors have to eat.  Do you think they will be picking up $7.32 cent  a gallon organic milk at the market? What will happen when the market's rent subsidy disappears?

If you are sick and tired of all this crony capitalism and silly land use,  I urge you to join us in fighting the Marinwood Plaza project. 

If  you are sick of secret planning sessions behind closed doors with hand picked "neighborhood leaders" I urge you to join us.

If you are sick of hearing the lie that "the community decided" on a mixed use project in 2006 and your vote doesn't count, I urge you to join us.  

The first and only "public" meeting on the Marinwood Village project was on October 27th, 2012.  Over 43% of us are new to the community since 2007. The 2006 project was a private development that actually would have contributed to our tax base.

The "leaders" must know that we will not follow the destuction of our community to fulfill their vain ambitions.  Let the crony developers know, that they will only be welcome if they come through the front door and reveal their intentions first.

We are not opposed to all affordable housing.  We are opposed to the taking of our rights to manage our own community. 

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