Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas, Steve Kinsey shows his "love for fellow man"

No, Mr Kinsey, people who object to high density housing are not NIMBY, Racists, but you have a bit of explaining to do. Why you are refusing housing in YOUR backyard?

Steve Kinsey is a resident of Forest Knolls in West Marin, ten miles from the "low income project" of two units at the Grandi Building which he expects will never be built.

Steve Kinsey is up for re-election in 2016.

Quick Guide to "Kinseyspeak"  Flagwaver = Tea Party, Against Diversity = Racist, Unwelcoming = NIMBY, Contribution, Revenue enhancement, community support, investment = taxes,  Opposed to "community ideals" = Republican, "capitalism doesn't work"= "give me power to spend your money on solutions I think will work",  Community rights = elimination of private property rights

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  1. NIMBY isn't a bad thing to be. It means that one is protecting his home against what is harmful to the character of the neighborhood, or other dangerous or unwanted influences. The NIMBY label is just an attempt to make one feel guilty and to point a finger of shame at the person who dares to disagree. The system of government these days requires compliance by everyone with the new order, and shame and guilt are one way to achieve this. Most of the time there's a good reason to be a NIMBY and to be proud of it.