Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bridge Housing estimates 150 kids for Dixie Schools from Marinwood Village in 2012 (That's 1.5 million dollars ANNUALLY!)

See the report that Susan Adams and the Board of Supervisor's commissioned to support the conclusion that tax free housing won't have much of an impact HERE


  1. This video is just of a person making a mistake. Both prior to and after this video the estimated number of children per residence by BRIDGE is .85. You can just review their FAQ to see this information.

  2. Brad Wilban is the VP of Development for Bridge Housing with decades of experience and oversees thousands of units of housing nationwide. They came back with a lower figure after seeing the community outrage. Susan Adams admitted "she hadn't thought of it" when promoting the development. Who are you going to believe? The guy trying to sell you "it won't cost a thing" or the people who will bear the costs?