Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to Get Rid of an Unwanted Houseguest

Low Income Developers receive a 50 year tax abatement.  They will be sleeping on our couch a long time.

Editor's Note:  As a public service message for the holidays,  we are bringing you this practical article on getting rid of an unwanted house guest.   Low income housing developers don't just bring us housing, people, traffic and crowded schools,  they bring us a huge tax burden for decades.

Ever Had a Houseguest Who Just Wouldn't Leave?

Ever had a houseguest who just wouldn't leave? Ever been a good friend and let someone sleep on your couch till they were on their feet and ended up being taken advantage of? Here are some ways to get rid of unwanted houseguest.

 Stop being a good host If you make your guest feel wanted they may never leave. Stop washing clothes, cleaning up after them or cleaning the space they are using. Don't let your house become a hotel with maid service. Make them clean up after themselves. Stop being their personal chef. If that doesn't work stop buying food for them. Inform your unwanted houseguest that you can only had enough money to buy groceries for your family and let them start buying their own groceries.
Assign chores Since your houseguest has made themselves a housemate instead of a guest start assigning them chores. Let them pitch in on the upkeep of the house. Give them specific and consistent chores. The chores don't need to be backbreaking try things like mowing the yard, walking the dog, vacuuming the house, or washing the dishes.
Make them pay If your main consider is financial make your houseguest start paying rent or utilities. If your wanting your housemate to move out make sure your rates are higher then the local motel or weekly rental units. Also charge for things like cooking, washing clothes and household goods.
Leave them home alone Do not always include your unwanted houseguest in your family activities. Keep your usual schedule up without always including them. Let them know that you have other friends and family you need to spend time with without them around.
Have them evicted If you are renting your place ask your landlord to send a letter about guest not on the lease. Give them notice that they must move out by a certain time and stick to it.
Find them a new place Help your houseguest out the door by finding them a new place to stay. Ask around to see if any of their other family or friends would be willing to let them stay with them. Call around to local apartment. motel or weekly rentals and find out how much they charge for rent, deposits and application fees. Make a list for your houseguest with all the places you have called. Be sure to give them the address and phone numbers of each place. 

If all else fails and your unwanted houseguest refuses to move out you and always throw their stuff out of the house and change the locks.

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