Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Ugly Truth. The July 28th Housing Element Meeting Raw Footage

Wendi Kallins of the Marin County Bicycle Coalition lives in beautiful Forest Knolls but wants all the affordable housing to be in Marinwood/Lucas Valley. She loves the Marinwood Village Plan.
Bruce Anderson, testifies.  "I started the Bridge Marinwood Village Proposal ten years ago....." and yet he was also serving on the Marinwood CSD.  It makes you wonder WHO he was representing when he failed to make his private interest and consulting work public.
Wade Holland thinks most of the development should happen in Marinwood-Lucas Valley because "they have the land".  They also have land in Inverness where he makes his home. That didn't stop him from removing a senior development from HIS BACKYARD.
You'll remember Mr. Holland from his petty dictator antics, threatening to remove people from the Planning commission meeting by force.  Tsk, Tsk.
This was a six hour meeting.  To make a long story short.  There was some GREAT testimony from the Citizens as usual. And as usual, they were ignored as Citizens never spoke.  Incredulously, Ericka Erickson, activist leader from Marin Grassroots and a Marinwood Resident, claimed that there has "not been enough outreach. I think people are confused.  We need to do a better job of communicating. The sustainables..."  Opps. I think she means that there isn't enough activists to stem the tide against the radical activists like her.  She is correct.
In the end, the Planning Commission decided to ADD 100 units of very low income to Marinwood/Lucas Valley. Once again, we have been screwed.
This "plan" ain't pretty.

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