Thursday, May 15, 2014

Derek Knell and Mike McGuire debate at Womans Political Action Committee

The Marin Womans Political Action Committee present a debate for District 2 State Senate Race for the vacant seat.

Derek Knell and Mike McGuire Debate, Not Present were Harry Lehman and Lawerence Wiesner.

I find Mike McGuire's position limiting the citizen's right to speak out during an election repugnant.  Does this guy think our free speech should be eliminated?

He would make this post and blog illegal. This kid was plucked from obscurity to run for State Senate seat.  It appears to me he has been practicing his ""Mayor Quimby" imitation (aka. Ted Kennedy) in front of a mirror for years.

Derek Knell presents a more mature perspective, honed as a business owner and Novato resident.  I agree with CSPP that he is our best choice for this seat.

Watch the video and judge for yourself.

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