Friday, May 16, 2014

Double Decker Mobile Homes the New "Affordable Housing" in Marinwood?

This is how they do it in England
This is how we do it in America.

Though this started out as a satirical piece on affordable housing, I began to think about the cost alternatives of this type of housing vs. "non-profit" developer housing. With non-profit developer housing, the surrounding taxpayers carry all taxes for the "workforce housing" for at least fifty five years. The cost of construction is $400-$600k per apartment which is far in excess of similar market rate properties and single family homes. Why not simply build "manufactured home communities" at a fraction of the cost of "affordable housing"? Manufactured homes start at $50k. Government could build the mobile home parks and offer special financing for families "each according to their need".

The homes can be made dense as 25 units per acre and would cost much less than "non profit" housing.  The pad rent could be paid to the community as taxes and the families will own their home.  I project the costs would be far less than the  "affordable rents" that the "non profit" developers will charge.

Why not?

Check out the modern designed manufactured homes in this BING search

Laugh all you like but this re use of old mobile homes is greener than anything that Bridge Housing will build.
You can house all of "yer kinfolk" here.

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