Friday, January 17, 2014

Vertical Forest in Milan- a pretty Stupid Idea IMHO

This is an interesting idea but kinda stupid when you think about it. It is great to have greenspaces around you. It adds oxygen to the air and provides a lush living environment.

 If I had to live in a high rise, I'd want to live in one of these buildings, surrounded by a garden of plants.  It would be better yet if I could live in a cottage surrounded by a lush garden landscape but wait that is EVIL SPRAWL the bane of Smart Growth.  Think about how much energy is used in the construction and operation of these towers.  The plants would have to be transported at great expense and watered frequently. The micro climate on a skyscraper is not the same as a good old fashion garden with deep rich soil and ground water.  Every thing about this "Green Tower" is highly energy intensive. 

 The greenest thing that we can do is KEEP our suburbs and drive a high efficiency vehicle.  Volkswagen is coming out with a 261 mpg car this year.  

Living is Marin suburbs is the greenest lifestyle choice of all.

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