Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kill the Bill !!!


What must occur next is
            of citizen phone calls
(don't delay--call TODAY)
Suggested statements on why you oppose SB 1.  Choose one brief statement from the below list or make up your own:
1.   Senate Bill 1 stands in contravention of representative government and in defiance of the separation of powers invested in Constitutional government.
2.   SB 1 invents new structures to govern people with new sources of authority, which subjugates the will of the people to the dictates of unelected bureaucrats.
3.   Senate Bill 1 allows for the issuance of bonds without voter approval thereby circumventing a democratic process and preventing the sovereign people to observe and require accountability for any and all developments and policies that SB 1's Investment Authorities implement.
4.   Senate Bill 1 authorizes the Investment Authority of a city or county to include a provision in its Plan for the receipt of tax increment funds.  Such financing has heretofore increasingly over-burdened the State's financial resources in meeting school and county obligations and seriously deviated from redevelopment agencies' initial objective by underwriting commercial and profitable real estate ventures.  
5.   Senate Bill 1 redefines "blight" as "inefficient land use", an arbitrary and subjective determination for the benefit of the Investment Authority established through the Bill.  
Here is the link to the District Senators . . .

Here is the phone number of the Governor's office to request that he VETO Senate Bill 1 . . .

Governor Jerry Brown
Phone: (916) 445-2841

Fax: (916) 558-3160

Funds Plan Bay Area

Stop Plan Bay Area
This bill is a THREAT to Rural and Suburban property owners

Expanding the Definition of
Declares suburban and rural lifestyles-which it terms "inefficient land use patterns-as "blight." Declaring suburban and rural land use a "blight" has appalling and stunning legal and political implications. How does it feel to have a target on your back from these people?
Creates mini-ABAGs (redevelopment agencies) not controlled by cities and towns.  Allows eminent domain and funding power to assemble and fund massive high density housing projects in suburban downtowns.

Citizens MUST oppose this law 

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