Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The History of the Marinwood CSD in Planning and Design Review

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Several important things happen in the clip of the September 26, 2006 meeting with the Board of Supervisors. The speakers are Dave Mitchell (former CSD Director President), Bruce Anderson and future CSD board member Cyane Dandridge.

Dave Mitchell announces that the Marinwood CSD CONTRIBUTED MONEY to the development of the Marinwood Plaza Vision plan.  Bruce Anderson, enthusiastically ENDORSED the Marinwood Plaza Vision plan as a CSD Director and Vice President of the Marinwood Association (now discovered not to be a legitimate non profit community association). Cyane Dandridge also enthusiastically ENDORSES the Marinwood Plaza Vision plan and offers services for free.

All of these statements contradict what we are hearing today that the CSD has NO role. Past CSD board members have been deeply involved in bringing affordable housing into the community in concert with efforts by Susan Adams and the Board of Supervisors.

[Editor's Note: Please keep this clip in mind when Bruce Anderson claims that the CSD nevers gets involved in development.  He is not being truthful]

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