Sunday, December 15, 2013

VIDEO: Who will be our next political leaders?

Political change is coming to Marin County District One and Five  

There are are big changes coming to Marinwood/Lucas Valley politics.  The huge push for affordable housing is creating an unsustainable pressure on our community already awash in debt from pension obligations, rising costs and declining real estate tax base.  Affordable housing may grow our population by 25% ,  consume services, yet contribute little tax revenue to the community.

Meanwhile in the last five years young families have moved in, bringing with them a whole new energy and liveliness to the community.  43% of us have moved into Marinwood/Lucas Valley since 2007.  The "old guard"  neighborhood leaders will soon be replaced by the energies and passions of a younger generation.

Young families moved into this community with the promise of good schools and a quiet suburban life.  Many of them left crowded urban conditions to raise their families.  The don't want the urban experience.  They want quiet enjoyment and space for their kids to grow. 

Marinwood/Lucas Valley has always been a special place with open space and cozy neighborhoods.  It is our special appeal.   It is why most of us moved here.

The "old guard"  is pushing for housing to fullfill their ABAG mission of urbanization the 101 corridor. The are completely ignorng the clear majority of citizens who are saying , "No!".

Ultimately, the current conflict will resolve and a new Marinwood/Lucas Valley will emerge. 

Who will win?

Will the "old guard" who's only vision for the future is a valley full of government subsidized housing, no commerce and crowded schools?  Or will the young families who want to improve the community with good schools, clean parks and open space and a vibrant shopping area at Marinwood Plaza win?

 In 2014 Supervisors Susan Adams in District One and Judy Arnold in District Five will be up for election. 

Who is representing you?

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