Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Marinwood CSD directors discuss participation in legal action against 2012 housing element for Marin

On December 10, 2013, the Marinwood CSD directors heard testimony from Marin Community Alliance www.alliancemarin.org and invitation to participate in legal action. 

The 2012 Marin County Housing Element  places 70% of all affordable housing sites for the 750 square miles of unincorporated Marin within our 5.78 square miles.  The new non profit housing will expand our community by at least 25% yet the non profit developments pay no taxes to support government services.  

The Marinwood CSD provides Fire, Park and Recreation and Street Lighting.   The current Marinwood Village proposal may require a new ladder truck, trained personnel and housing at a cost of millions of dollars.  The Dixie school district is independent and will also suffer million dollar financial impacts from development.

The question is, "does the Marinwood CSD have the jurisdiction to participate in a legal action to defend itself against financial injury?"   Marinwood CSD members Bill Hansell and Tarey Reed say no and do not want to waste money consulting the district's lawyer and Director's Justin Kai, Deana Dearborn and Bill Shea vote to seek legal advice.  Marinwood CSD manager (employee), Tom Horne, opines that the action is political and the money used on a lawyer is the improper use of district funds.

It would be great if the Supervisors represent us instead of exploit us.

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