Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bridge Housing updates plans for Marinwood Village

High Density housing project like proposed Marinwood Village
Corte-Mazilla on Wornum Drive in Corte Madera next to 101 freeway


  1. These images are inaccurate. A review of the elevations in the plans submitted by BRIDGE Housing reveals that the residential buildings have 3 story massing, resulting in 25% less units than these images would lead one to believe. The only 4 story element is the stair tower which leads to roof access. How community stakeholders evaluate the plans should at least be based on facts and not inaccuracies.

  2. The photos are clearly marked as "Corte-Mazilla" on Warnum Drive at the Wincup site in Corte Madera. The density is 40 units per acre. Remove the top floor and you have identical building mass as the proposed "Marinwood Village" low income apartments.