Saturday, November 23, 2013

NEWSFLASH: Marin IJ will no longer cover Politics or Crime on its Main Pages.

Marin IJ will no longer cover Politics or Crime on its Main Pages.

(San Rafael)  The Marin Independent Journal founded in 1861 announced a new editorial policy today that it will no longer cover Politics or Crime on its main page.  It cites complaints by readers who find the coverage one sided and upsetting. 
“I read the paper for the garden section, the lost and found, local meetings, and crossword puzzles.  I have no need to read nonsense about politics or the blather by writers that have nothing better to do than get people upset.” - A.R.
“The constant daily reports by the self appointed spokespeople “of the people” are obnoxious and grating. I will cancel my subscription if something is not done about it.”-K.H.
“I really don’t care what the local politicians do as long as they stay out of my business.”-D.P.
“I know the politicians they write about.  They are so unfair and should not be allowed to print such rubbish”- B.A.
“The paper is publishing lies and half truths”-D.P.
Chief Editor, S. Adams, explained, “We wrestled to develop an editorial policy that is fair to everyone.  We believe in free speech and feel that the discussion of local politics is important to the community.  Our readership is up and some people demand political news and analysis. To balance the needs of all parties, we will now publish a separate “subscription only” supplement to cover local political stories. “ 
“Likewise, crime stories will also be published in a special “subscription only” supplement and will be mailed free.  Readers complain that crime stories make them uncomfortable and afraid.”
“We will publish a weekly summary of the politics and crime stories in the main section to recap events” explained Adams.

Reader K.G. reacts, “I am happy that the Marin Independent Journal is preserving a free press by allowing alternate voices to be heard and is sensitive to the needs of its readers.  This shows foresight and leadership in the world of ideas.  Let freedom ring.”

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