Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HUD Launches Scheme To Racially Diversify Suburbs

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HUD Launches Scheme To Racially Diversify Suburbs

Diversity: Now even ZIP codes are racist, and according to this race-obsessed administration, you're racist for living in a suburban area with little public housing. And it plans to change that.
In what may be the most ambitious social-engineering project undertaken by the federal government, the administration is mapping every neighborhood in America by race. The stated purpose is to use the data to compel local officials to loosen zoning laws and build more public housing, thereby offering more poor inner-city minorities better opportunities for housing and education.
But the unstated purpose is forced racial integration. The suburbs are just too white for Obama and his race-mongering social engineers. They think they "geospatially discriminate" against minorities, never mind that more and more middle-class blacks are flocking to them on their own.
The ham-handed government project is led by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Last week it proposed new rules requiring counties and other entities receiving federal grant dollars to "affirmatively further fair housing" in the suburbs for minorities. Grantees who fail to comply will be denied federal funding.
At the same time, HUD is pressuring suburban landlords to accept Section 8 housing vouchers.
The proposed regulation was issued just days after HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan addressed the NAACP at its annual convention in Florida, near the Orlando suburb where a neighborhood crime-watch captain fatally shot a black teen visiting the complex.
In his speech, Donovan vowed to help urban blacks relocate to suburban neighborhoods, where they can have access to "good schools, safe streets, jobs, grocery stores," among other things. He claimed suburban realtors and landlords still discriminate against blacks.
"African-Americans," Donovan said, "are being denied their freedom of choice."
He said the HUD database will detail by neighborhood what "access African-American families have to community assets — including jobs, schools and transit," which he added "is something the NAACP has long called for."
Once the data are collected, his diversity police will use it as a "tool" to ensure that "every American has the opportunity to live in the community of their choice without facing discrimination."
Earlier this year, HUD broadened the authority of two anti-discrimination laws — the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act — making illegal any housing or credit policy that results in disproportionately fewer blacks or Latinos receiving housing or home loans than whites, even if those policies are race-neutral and evenly applied across all groups.
Meanwhile, HUD is working with an army of new diversity cops at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to map the credit histories of every American by race to ensure credit reports and scores are racially balanced as well.
If there are racial disparities in housing or credit, there can't be any business reason for them. Personal habits are never a factor. To this administration, racism is the one and only explanation. Anywhere gaps exist. All the time.
Donovan promised the NAACP he'll "put an end to these disparities." His scheme to map "racist" suburbs for targeting by diversity cops is just the first step toward mass relocation of inner-city poverty and crime to the suburbs, a key tenet of radical icon and Barack Obama mentor Saul Alinsky organizing under the banner of ending "spatial segregation" and "suburban apartheid."
This project could degrade the lifestyles of tens of millions of Americans — including hard-working middle-class minorities — who moved to the suburbs to get away from crime and bad schools.
It's time Republican leaders in Congress train their sights on the race-mongering zealots running amok at HUD.

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