Friday, August 2, 2013

Stop Senate Bill SB1

Senate Bill #1 (Steinberg and DeSaulnier) is one of the most dangerous bills and must be stopped!
Please read this and forward to all your email lists. We need to stop this bill. It has already passed the Senate and is going to Assembly! Call your state Assembly member and ask them to oppose this bill! Here’s the full text of the bill


If Steinberg's SB 1 (Steinberg's Sustainable Communities Investment Authority) becomes law, what will the cost be to you and each and every one of us who own private property parcels? I believe this is one of the most dangerous bills and will be the worst abuse of power in California's history, if the Governor doesn't Veto this bill. Danger here is the Democrats may have super majority over the Governor's Veto Power. (SB 1 was Steinberg's SB 1156 last year and the resurrection of Statewide Redevelopment Agencies, but with a new credit card);

SB 1 includes Infrastructure Financing Districts (Senator Lois Wolk SB 33) and Transit Districts (Assemblywoman Ma or other authors). Are you 1/2 mile from a bus or transit stop? SB 1 allows high density 1/2 mile from a bus or transit stop;

No blight findings are required to take private property parcels by Eminent Domain, so the State is saying our private property parcels of all kinds belong to them;  Blight can now be Ineffecient land use patterns!

Property Tax Increments like Redevelopment Agencies would divert property taxes from within project area boundaries directly into the general fund of the new "Authority", "Agency", or government entity that's created, which means property taxes would not go to the City or County general funds to pay for public services, but would go directly to the new Authority or Agency and away from special districts like fire and police protection, parks, and libraries (schools would be exempt);

Projects would have to comply with Steinberg's SB 375, which connects land use to AB 32 Global Warming/Climate Change Implementation - (My older neighborhood with large lots does not comply with SB 375, so does that mean my neighborhood is not sustainable and blighted?);

The Governors's High Speed Rail is protected in this bill;

No Voter Approval to create more debt and to create new project boundaries, which could force residents to continually pay for new projects and improvements;

Only Union workers are hired, which would eliminate jobs to those who are not union paying members (Only Project Labor Agreements);

Cities, Counties, and Special Districts can create Joint Powers Agreements/Agencies/Authorities (JPA) and elect a Board that would consist of elected officials, who would than appoint a JPA Director. How many JPA's do you have in your City and/or County? Power would be power to a Director/Chair of a new Board, who is not elected by the people;

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  1. SB1 (Steinberg and DeSaulnier) creates the most astounding opportunities for political corruption. Any neighborhood within a half mile of a transit stop or a bus line is vulnerable, and bus lines can be re-routed at will. Affordable housing developers and their political allies can cut side deals with local politicians to designate a neighborhood for seizure, set up the district, allocate the public funds, and then provide the politician with a kickback. The ghost cities of China were created with exactly this mechanism. Since any suburban neighborhood with single family homes is by definition low density and therefore unsustainable, all suburban private property is subject to arbitrary seizure. Why would anyone own or improve property in California under these conditions? The two foundations of liberty are security of life and property. If your property isn't secure, pretty soon your life isn't, either.