Monday, November 26, 2012

Will Marinwood Plaza cost $45 million dollars and pay no taxes?

The Trump Family fortune of $500 million dollars was built by Donald's father with Affordable Housing.

Your tax dollars will be hard at work supporting multimillion dollar affordable housing developer Bridge Housing.  You better be working hard now to earn enough to pay them.

The big joke about "affordable housing" built by "non profit" corporations is they are built cheaply and no one makes any money.   

Check out Bridge Housing's latest project in Oakland  here

That project cost $500,000 per unit!  That is far more than market rate housing in Marinwood for many single family homes. The units are much smaller than standard apartments.  In fact on a per square footage basis, it is easily 4 times the cost of a Marinwood-Lucas Valley home.

On top of all of this,  Bridge Housing receives a 50 year tax abatement,  lowered development costs , special loopholes for environmental reviews, and mitigation.  

A private developer would be expected to pay significant impact fees to the community to make up for the costs of new schools, traffic impact, police and fire services, etc.   We taxpayers will be stuck paying for these fees for Bridge Housing. 

The proposed Marinwood Plaza neighbors are expected to add 150 children to our schools (roughly 5 classrooms worth) and will be able to vote to increase even more parcel taxes on all property owners.

We cannot afford this development.

The only "sustainable" solution for Marinwood Plaza is a retail development like the Farm to Table market concept.   It will actually CONTRIBUTE money to our CSD district in the form of tax dollars and jobs.  The big benefit, is it will provide the success for the market for years to come*.

We can have a properous future. 


*Marinwood Market is receiving generous rent subsidies while Marinwood Plaza is being developed. No one is certain that a gourmet market will achieve success with a low income housing project next door.  It is this writers opinion that only by widening the market's appeal to all of Marin by increasing visiability, parking and events, can it hope to survive.  Currently Marinwood Plaza is hidden from Highway 101 where literally millions of locals and tourists pass annually.  With small improvements to visability and good marketing,  a prosperous center can emerge.  One model is Oxbow market in Napa  and the revitalized Larkspur Landing rechristened as the Marin Country Mart.   .  Those "neighborhood leaders" that express the opinion that "Marinwood Plaza will never become anything but an eyesore, so we might as well build government housing"  are ignoring many successful retail makeovers.


If we want a food market in Marinwood, it must be successful.  No one will continue to patronize a market out of loyality alone (Remember the "buy American" efforts when Japanese cars took over Detroit? How did that work out?).  The market must be a place people want to come to and shop.

We can have a successful future.

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