Thursday, October 11, 2012

Santa Venetia Residents say "NO!"

Santa Venetia Residents protest wetlands habitat destruction at San Rafael Airport

In Santa Venetia neighborhood of San Rafael,  residents are fighting the destruction of precious wetlands and housing  A multimillion dollar sports complex and an expected Smart train facility (unannounced) will destroy precious wetlands and crowd more people in 5 story apartment buildings  The proposal will raise the level of the wetlands five feet with fill from roadway projects.  This will permanently affect the nesting habitat of the federal protected Clapper Rail  and thousands of species,  including commercial fisheries.

The "development at any cost" juggarnaut has ignored sound land use planning which Marin pioneered from the early days of the environmental movement.  The San Rafael Mayor and City Council have approved the project in addition to the controversial Civic Center Station Plan which will add hundreds of low income housing units on both sides of 101 and around the perimeter of Northgate shopping mall.

The residents are fighting back. They will not let corporate greed crush us.  They will defend their right for local control and wise land use. We are inspired.

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