Monday, October 8, 2012

Maps of Marinwood Priority Development Area and land use

Curious what the One Bay Plan may mean for Marinwood?  Check out these maps of the Priority Development for an Urban corridor in our neighborhoods.   The land use map is of existing zoning.  This may all change to an urban style development to all areas within the Priority Development Plan. There are even more developments proposed in Lucas Valley from St. Vincents to Grady Ranch.

This requires the attention of our community.  Do we want to become another East Bay mixed use urban city or do we want to keep our green Marin heritage?  Will we get to determine our own fate or will we be bulldozed by government and development interests?

Even if you have never become politically active at anything in your life, it is time to become aware of what is happening and defend your home.

Is this what we elected our local politicians to do to us?

A map of the Marinwood Priority Development Area

What is a Priority Development Area?

Does this sound like Marinwood? 

From the website:

What are Priority Development Areas?
Priority Development Areas (PDAs) are locally-identified, infill development opportunity areas within existing communities. They are generally areas of at least 100 acres where there is local commitment to developing more housing along with amenities and services to meet the day-to-day needs of residents in a pedestrian-friendly environment served by transit. To be eligible to become a PDA, an area had to be within an existing community, near existing or planned fixed transit or served by comparable bus service, and planned for more housing.

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