Sunday, October 7, 2012

One Bay Area Plan Meeting in Marin January 17, 2012

This is a video of the Association of Bay Area Government's  One Bay Area Plan Meeting on January 17, 2012 at Marin Civic Center.  It was my first meeting on housing.  I went to learn about the Marinwood Plaza development and general plans for all of Marin. 

At the beginning of the meeting,  I was annoyed with many angry protestors waving signs and being disruptive.  I simply wanted everyone to be quiet so the planners could make their presentations and respond to questions.  As the meeting progressed, however,  it became apparent that the "workshop" was simply a facade to sell people on the massively overambitious and intrusive One Bay Area Plan.  I was shocked at the details.  The plan threatens to irrevocably change the county of Marin from largely a bedroom community to an urban corridor and redefine property rights.  In the starkest terms, One Bay Area Plan is a total transformation of the economy, transportation and local governments and threatens our rights to govern local issues ourselves.

I have never been politically active. Frankly, I don't agree with some of what is said by some of the speakers on the tape.   I don't believe Agenda 21 is a global conspiracy.  I have never been a member of any political group whatsoever. I am proudly Independent.

This tape is an excellent recording of the One Bay Area Meeting that night in January 2012.  Ordinary citizens asked some extraordinary insightful questions.  Facilitators provided no answers.  This video is instructive on what to expect at your next Planning "Workshop". It will give you a window on the growing opposition to One Bay Area Plan.   It can also restore your faith in your fellow citizens and hope for democracy.

Plan Bay Area Map- The plans for government development

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