Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Why shouldn't Marinwood record public meetings?

Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD manager explains that he doesn't record public meetings.  Since arriving at Marinwood CSD, he has ELIMINATED detailed reports. Political appointees are encouraged not to make their contact information public.   Dreikosen is responsible for nearly $5,000,000 in spending and does not want public accountability.  It is truly incredible that we allow this.  Chances are that you do not know much about who is serving the public or where are tax dollars are being spent.  We are building the MOST EXPENSIVE MAINTENANCE SHED in Marin County history and several of the prime consultants are former Marinwood CSD politicians.  Meanwhile basic maintenance and safety concerns are not addressed. 

I hasten to add that everyone on the today's boards seem to have their heart in the right place.  They just seem to think of their authority is beyond reproach.  Democracy requires public accountability.

This is why we fundamentally IMPROVE public interaction by publicizing meetings and encourage public dialog on matters of our future. 

Every jurisdiction in Marin County records public meetings. Managers write reports prior to important government actions.  Why should Marinwood CSD lack basic, commonsense accountability?  As the Washington Posts says "democracy dies in darkness."

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