Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Do you need a water fountain in Marinwood Park?

On April 26, 2022 Marinwood CSD Parks and Rec Commission, Luke Fretwell, Marinwood Parks Manager tells the board that he is "investigating" why the water fountain in Marinwood Park isn't working but is waiting instruction if he should remove or repair it.  ( HINT: It was shut off during COVID and it is behind on routine maintenance).  Jon Campo, appointed Parks Commissioner is of the opinion that it is located in a strange location that receives little use.  Like hundreds of people that use this area regularly, I am dismayed that the board is hostile to upkept of our park.  They are only talking about REMOVAL of park assets, like grills, water fountains and picnic tables instead of MAINTAINING and BEAUTIFYING our park..

Please join us to SAVE MARINWOOD PARK from destruction and neglect.  We pay MILLIONS to the Marinwood CSD  each year to maintain our park.  Shouldn't we at least have a picnic area with a water fountain? Talk with your neighbors.  Show that you care about your community.


Ask them to keep Marinwood Park Safe, Beautiful and Accessible for ALL.

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