Monday, January 31, 2022

3 Affordable Housing Sites Proposed for Marinwood/Lucas valley in the next Housing Element

Marinwood Plaza and Market

UPDATE 2/3/22: It turns out that the housing units listed are grossly undercounted in the "Balancing Act" website.  Why did Marin County do this?   Even these housing estimates are high but do not include density bonuses and other concessions for developers.  See the above posting for a more realistic estimate of housing and ADD 80% of the total for a density density bonus! 

G - 155 Marinwood Avenue (Marinwood): 160 housing units

Note: This is an active toxic waste clean up site.  The owners have not complied with clean up orders issued by the Regional Water Quality Control Board.  It is not considered safe for residential housing.  The toxic waste plume has seeped under Highway 101 and extends East for over 1500 meters.  Toxic gas from the site has moved along utility corridors and is now present just outside Casa Marinwood on Marinwood Ave.

Marinwood  Market is the ONLY supermarket within walking distance for thousands of residents and the  ONLY commercial retail plaza.  It once was a thriving center before the discovery of toxic waste that made the property uninhabitable.  Once the clean up occurs, it will open more opportunities for commerce with perhaps a restaurant and other neighborhood businesses. 

Now, we fear that affordable housing developers, with special environmental loopholes will develop the site into housing anyhow (just as Bridge Housing development attempted before discovery) jeopardizing the health of inhabitants and forever leave Marinwood without a market and place for local commerce.

Marin County Property at the Juvenile Jail Facility

This site has potential but new population may require the construction of a new school. It is better suited for senior housing.

2 Jeannette Prandi Way (Lucas Valley): 150 housing units

St Vincents School/Silviera Ranch

This site offers much potential as it is a "clean slate" for development.  At one point over 2300 homes were approved for St Vincent Ranch and Silveira properties.  It will require an extension of core infrastructure.  The owners of Marinwood Plaza still must continue clean up on this property but once completed it is the ideal site for development of many housing units and need schools for our new residents.

M - 1 St Vincents Drive (St. Vincents): 221 housing units

Visit Marin County Community Development department for more information

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