Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Three Photos that PROVE the Maintenance Shed project won't work

The Marinwood Maintenance Facility Site Plan. The protected California Coastal Oak is seen in the center of the drawing as a reference to the three photos below.

The front of the truck is positioned at the edge of the proposed Maintenance Building. It occupies all of the space where the walking path is supposed to be.  It is also the minimum distance required for a three point turn (hammerhead turn) that will be on top of the current horseshoe pit.
The Marinwood CSD ignores sound environmental practice and allows parking on top of the roots of a protected California Coastal Oak.  Compressed soil will kill the roots and the tree.

The Marinwood CSD truck is approximately 44' long which is longer than the outside courtyard of the Maintenance Structure.  It will be very difficult to move vehicles within the facility and the daily practice of moving material and equipment will need to take place on the walking path.  This activity IS NOT IN THE CSD Site Plan but will obviously be necessary.  The Marin County Planning Commission ignored this FUNDAMENTAL activity that will damage the park unnecessarily.  An efficient "side access garage" design will drastically lessen the impact to the park, Miller Creek watershed and recreation opportunities on this small piece of land. 

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