Saturday, March 14, 2020

Marinwood CSD Manager Dreikosen, "No Plan to Fix Fountains"

Residents have asked for timely maintenance of drinking fountains at our parks. Bill McNicholas, longtime Marinwood resident has made requests of both Luke Fretwell Parks Manager(and previously Shane DeMarta) and Eric Dreikosen, CSD General Manager for years. According to them, the drains cannot be fixed because the public clogs them with debris. Occasionally the staff will clear them but the problem always returns. "The REAL problem" according to CSD staff, " is that the public complains about fountains" Fretwell, Dreikosen and three maintenance staff earn combined income of at least $500k. They service a tiny park and 4 fountains. The taxpayers are the problem? This display of arrogance and indifference to the fundamental responsibility to maintain the park should be noted. A simple fountain design used by Muir Woods National Park will completely solve the problem. The staff have been given design info and a community member even has agreed to build it for the district. Dreikosen appears bored and angry with the public.

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