Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Horseshoe pit will become a Truck Turnaround. CSD lies to public and planning commission

After years of telling the community that the beloved horseshoe pit built in 2016 by community volunteers won't be impacted. Architect Bill Hansell tells the Marin Planning Commission that the area be used for a truck turnaround AND is covered in gravel. This is false as anyone familiar with the area knows. It is a soft, sandy area that was built over turf. Hansell further deceives the board by omitting the need for a trailer turn around in the same area. Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD general manager stands silently while the deceptive comments are delivered. The public did not have a chance to rebut this false and misleading statement.
The Marin County Planning commission needs to look at ALL the facts and not allow decisions to rely on falsities. The Planning commission ignored THREE MAJOR VIOLATIONS of the Marin County General Plan. The project is DOUBLE the size necessary for efficient operations and will force the destruction of valuable park space.  

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