Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Marinwood Maintenance Facility approved by Planning Commission

Here is the full presentation of the January 27, 2020 planning commission meeting that approved the Marinwood Maintenance Facility. The project is subject to appeal and possible legal challenges on the grounds that environmental law and the Marin General Plan were violated. The Marinwood CSD has spent at least 300 percent of the initial cost estimate of architects fees with former CSD director Bill Hansell. The WILL NOT DISCUSS BUDGET for this project publicly even after announcing it a year ago. . This project is likely to be the most EXPENSIVE maintenance facility in Marin County due to the custom architectural features and the unlimited budget given to the architect. Shorter clips of this meeting will be out in the future. Even with approval, the Marinwood CSD will have to figure out how to turn around a 22' long Ford F250 and a 20' dump trailer safely without destroying our park or hurting pedestrians, 500 children a day are running around during the camp season. If enough of us examine this project and request accountability, we can still turn it into a good project.

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