Wednesday, November 27, 2019

CSD special meeting on a rainy Tuesday at 6:00 PM to raise Marinwood CSD taxes

Marinwood CSD board ( missing Sivan Oyserman)

It happened again.  The Marinwood CSD meet in a special meeting last night on a rainy Tuesday at 6 pm to raise our taxes to maximum allowable amount.  This shameless manuever is to keep hidden from the public the Marinwood CSD relentless tax increases.

Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD likes to brag how much more the district has in revenue, conveniently leaving out the fact that it is 100% due to the increase of real estate sales values, not shrewd managment.

In fact, we have seen a huge increase in the feckless spending under Dreikosen's watch.  

1. Fire station kitchen received a generous donation to remodel the kitchen was REFUSED so the district could hire a "friend of several CSD directors and employees at THREE TIMES the cost. 2.) Architect Bill Hansell was hired at an "all inclusive project cost of $13,000 only to see his fees skyrocket at five times the original estimate BEFORE PLANS HAVE BEEN APPROVED.  3.) A repair in Marinwood Park to a drain pipe was billed at $39,000 for a days work.  Not a single competitive bid was solicited by Dreikosen despite many alternative contractors.   4.) several former CSD directors are profiting from no bid contracts given to them by Dreikosen.

All tax initiatives by the Marinwood CSD should be rejected until they actually engage the public with financial transparency and fiscal accountability.
Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD manager

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