Thursday, October 17, 2019

Will Winnie the Pooh will survive ugly Marinwood CSD politics and corruption?

From me to Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD General Manager And Luke Fretwell, Park and Rec Director: 

After your suprise announcement and dismantling of the last historic photo exhibit on the nature trail,  I expected that Marinwood CSD would replace the vinyl coverings and a new exhibit would be forthcoming from Miller Creek students.

If you had contacted me first, you would have learned that a library of content has been created to fill in between the times when students at Miller Creek are not able provide nature signs.  The project was always envisioned as a joint community project.

I have content that I would like to place on the signposts now to keep the nature trail alive while you are working with Miller Creek School for new content. It is a few more historic photos and quotations from Winnie the Pooh and the 100 acre wood.   

The purpose of the project is to engage the public with our beautiful park.  I am sure you agree that our children come first and this is the type of content people of all ages can enjoy on their daily walks.

The signs are laminated and do not need the vinyl cover.

Let me know if you have an objection.
Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD manager since 2016 

Response from Eric Dreikosen:

Thank you for your correspondence and offer.  However, we ask that you do not place any additional materials on the signposts.  As mentioned in my previous correspondence to you, District staff have been working directly with school personnel and we are expecting new material ready to be posted in the very near future.

On behalf of the District, thank you again for your time, efforts and passion towards this project while we worked to bring this initiative back to its original intention of displaying current student-created work relevant to the subject matters they are studying and the surrounding environment.


My response back to Eric Dreikosen:

Unfortunately, you have turned a wonderful community project that you had no part in creating into something never intended.   You are acting beyond your responsibilities when you dictate the terms of the project and exclude community volunteers who have maintained the project for many years.

The project was created by the community and for the community.  Please reconsider your actions and "Free Winnie the Pooh" for gosh sakes.

Incidentally,  safety handrails to enter the park on Quietwood Dr are needed and park benches are much appreciated especially for mobility impaired folks.  There are many other needs of the citizens that are unaddressed. Measure A funds are intended for accessibility, recreation, habitat restoration, education and perservation of park space. 

Thank you for putting the community first.

No response from Eric Dreikosen:  

The community has advocated repeatedly for simple, low cost improvements to improve accessibllity and safety, park benches and simple display of community generated content to enhance our nature trail.  

Mr Dreikosen refuses to improve our park with Measure A funds and has instead given it to fund former CSD board member, Bill Hansells "White Elephant Project" which has cost us at least $50k so far WITHOUT COUNTY APPROVED building plan.  It is corruption in slow motion and must be stopped.

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