Wednesday, October 16, 2019

New Maintenance Shed Plans show ACTUAL size and Location violates Marin County General Plan

A higher resolution file of this version can be found HERE.   As a seeing impaired person, I find it difficult to read smaller than 12pt fonts. The low resolution files provided by Marinwood CSD can only print out documents that are an unreadable 1.5 pt font.  I have asked the county to increase the resolution of the images.  Of course, the Marinwood CSD could post readable documents on its website.  I will not hold my breath.  They have kept these plans secret for months and do not want to engage the public.

They will not even publicly state how much they plan to spend on the project.  Ex Marinwood CSD board member and Architect Bill Hansell was originally estimated to cost us $13k.   So far we estimate he has charged us $50k and the plan is not yet approved.

This is a gross violation of the public trust and waste of public funds.  Worse yet, is it will block access to our park, violate stream setback and take away from recreational opportunities forever.  It is a vanity project perpetuated at the public expense.

The current Marinwood Maintenance Facility project is corruption in slow motion.

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