Thursday, October 3, 2019

The White Elephant is Coming to Marinwood Park

The story poles should be installed shortly and finally, you can see that the Friends of Marinwood Park have been telling you the truth.  We had to fight for your right to see the story poles.  Marinwood CSD has wanted to keep them hidden from public view citing "safety concerns"  You will see that building blocks the fire road and walking path-vehicles will be forced to drive over the horseshoe pit and our park will effectively be cut in two.

The proposed Maintenance Facility is TWICE the size of neighboring homes. It was designed by former Marinwood CSD politician, Bill Hansell who has been paid nearly $50,000 BEFORE the plans have been approved.  In February 2018, Marinwood CSD general manager, Eric Dreikosen claimed that Hansells fees would be $13,800 FOR THE ENTIRE PROJECT.  The public has been lied to and an illegal conflict of interest has been hidden from the public.

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