Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The White Elephant in Marinwood Park is coming!

Marinwood CSD hired a former CSD politician, Bill Hansell to design a new park maintenance garage.  Instead of a small shed originally approved by citizen in April 2017 he has designed a 4400 square foot facility that will occupy almost the entire footpath where the current shed now occupies.

In a few weeks we will see the story poles.

We STILL DO NOT KNOW HOW MUCH THE CSD BOARD is planning to spend.  When Hansell was hired last year his fee was estimated to be $13,800 for the entire project.  The CSD has now paid Hansell an estimated $50k.before the plans are approved!  It violates the Marin General plan, reduces our recreation park to an industrial site and violates the Stream Conservation Ordinance.

Frankly the ENTIRE CSD BOARD should be removed from office for collusion and violation of Fair Political Practices.  

More will come to light soon. 

Fortunately, a cost effective alternative exists that respects our park and our environmental laws. 

Watch for the story poles and the information display coming soon.

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