Thursday, October 31, 2019

Marinwood CSD update on the "White Elephant" Shed

Marinwood CSD Manager updates the Parks and Rec Commission onthe Park Shed project.  Dreikosen still is denying that vehicles will need to turn around in the meadow and use the land in front of the building for landscaping trash.  I wonder if he owns a measuring tape?  If he does, he simply needs to see how a 22 foot truck and a 22 foot trailer will manuever inside the maintenance facility.  It really isn't hard and we should DEMAND ANSWERS why Dreikosen has not done this yet.  Of course, he hired Bill Hansell, former CSD politician who gave him his cushy job at the CSD in 2016.  This is really bad news and conflict of interest laws are being broken in addition to managerial incompetence.

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