Friday, August 30, 2019

Marinwood CSD threatens citizens with ARREST while COVERING UP Sex Assault against minor

Marinwood CSD has serious problems.  Here is an example of legal intimidation by the Marinwood CSD.  Keep in mind this is the same board that covered up the armed assault of minor in the very same building.  Not until the news story did they issue a public statement.  Even more damning, they did nothing to improve safety.  The public was subjected to police intimidation for months while REAL CRIME was hidden from public view.  It calls for futher inquiry and removal of people from positions of responsibility.

On April 6, 2019, a 19 year old male pointed a stolen gun at the head of 16 year old girl and demanded sex during a party at the Rec Center. He claimed he was drunk and the sixteen year old was "sexual aggressor".  Fortunately, the girl ran into the woman's restroom and called for help.  The Marin Sheriff was called and the perpetrator was arrested. See more about this in the Marin IJ HERE

The public did not learn of the crime until August 25, 2019 because the Marinwood CSD covered it up and did nothing to improve public safety.

It is outrageous.

The "police protection" of the Marinwood CSD Board lasted several more months until June 2019 when Isabela Perry claimed that she "felt threatened" by the public.

THIS IS TWO MONTHS AFTER the Armed Sex Assault.   Notice that ALL of the CSD is playing this juvenile power game of intimidation while completely ignoring their legitimate concerns of safety of our children in the Recreation Center.

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